Asthma Causes and Symptom

  • Mon 30th Sep 2019 - 5:53am
    Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease. In this condition, Medipure Hemp Cbdthe bronchial tubes (airway passage tubes) get inflamed which results in difficulty in normal breathing. The air we breathe is carried in and out of the lungs through the bronchial tubes. Asthma causes the normal breathing process to be disturbed within these inflamed tubes. Studies have found asthma to be more prevalent in developed countries and it affects people of all ages. Asthma in children is more severe as their immune system is not well developed. But the severity is not age dependent with patients in other age groups also getting affected severely by this disease. Asthma causes a temporary handicap in patients suffering strong bouts of wheeze or coughing. The various treatments of asthma only help alleviate the symptoms but rarely known to cure the disease. The disease completes its due course and may subside after a stipulated period of time. There are primarily two types of asthma: Extrinsic asthma and Intrinsic asthma. Extrinsic asthma is caused by the response of our immune system to allergens inhaled. Usually pollen, dust mite particles, or animal dander are harmless, to which the asthma - affected person's immune system over reacts as it classifies these foreign particles as allergens. As opposed to Extrinsic asthma, production of antibodies is absent in patients with symptoms of Intrinsic asthma, and it is not caused due to allergens. Symptoms for asthma can vary from person to person. A myriad of factors like cold air, stress, exercise, laughter, food preservatives are but few of the Extrinsic asthma causes. Asthma usually prevails over a long period of time, with different levels of severity in its patients. An affected person can display a single or multiple symptoms of the disease. The symptoms for asthma in patients include shortness of breath, coughing, tightness of chest, wheezing. Various symptoms for asthma can be triggered due to factors including viral infections, hormones, sexual activity, food, weather, over exercising, among others. These factors can pull triggers which cause asthmatic symptoms.
  • Tue 19th Nov 2019 - 10:20am
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